What your choice of technology says about you

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Ever wondered what your choice of mobile phone says about you? Or what your email address suggests about your social skills?

Well thanks to a unique new data service from events agency Chillisauce, a whole new raft of trends has been revealed looking at everything from how likely you are to book a trip to a strip club based on your email provider to which mobile device the most popular socialites own.

It’s fair to say that most of us are guilty of stereotyping others based on the technology they use. But are iPhone users really all fashion-victim posers, Google fanboys all geeks and AOL email users just cheapskates stuck in the past? We decided to drill down into our own wealth of data to find out what technology choices said about our customers.

We’ve gathered mountains of information over the past 10 years, booking events and activities for more than 97,000 adventurous souls. We’ve always done things digitally and these days it is easier than ever to analyse what that digital information means. In our first series of data analyses we’ve looked at those booking stag dos to identify what people are most likely to do, how far they’ll travel, how many friends they have and how much cash they will spend based on their email address, mobile device, internet browser and mobile phone network – and we’ve uncovered some intriguing findings, turning them into pretty graphics for you to easily understand too.

Of course, we’re not the first to break down data into such trends. Internet analysis company Hunch.com delivered a thorough breakdown of what impression your email domain gives off on their blog, with DigitalTrends.com picking up on the fact that Gmail users are the youngest and best educated. Dating experts OkCupid even looked at how likely you are to attract a date based on what make of camera you used to take your profile pic. But this is the first time we’ve published our own statistics in this unique way and we hope it helps give everyone a special insight into modern habits when it comes to what are technology says about us.

So what did we find out about our intrepid stags?

Well, first of all, perhaps unsurprisingly the stats suggest that trend-conscious iPhone owners are the most popular and have the most friends, with those using the stylish Apple device to book stag parties having on average of 15 or more people accompanying them.

Meanwhile, Google Nexus users appear distinctly more lonely with an average group size of just five or less. Of course, perhaps those flash iPhone users are just keener to show off how popular they are while those more practical Google Nexus users focus on more meaningful relationships. Or, as one canny observer suggested when we took to the streets of London, Google Nexus users are perhaps “early adopters” – or “geeks” in other words.

While the Nexus owners may have showed themselves up as having smaller social groups, other Google fans showed that they value home comforts, again suggesting that it is the company of close friends that they value rather than exotic destinations on a stag do. Gmail users travel the least far for their stag activities, an average of less than 400 miles, compared to those high flyers who used their work email addresses to book their trips, who jet off to farther flung stag cities, travelling an average of 1,400 miles from their home town.

Maybe those booking through their work email addresses are sat at their desks dreaming of getting away from the daily grind, making them more likely to book a foreign final fling for the stag party. Or maybe those with work addresses are just more likely to have jobs and so more willing to splash the cash. That’s a theory that is certainly backed up by another of our findings – those using work emails also spend the most money, splurging an average of £104.62 per person on stag activities. Of course, maybe they wouldn’t be able to spend quite so much if their bosses found out they were planning holidays on work time…

So who’s at the bottom of the pile for spending? It’s those with an AOL email address, showing themselves to be the stingiest (or should that be thriftiest?) when it comes to booking activities, spending an average of £12.10 per person less than the biggest spenders. Those with an AOL email address showed up another interesting trend too, and one that they probably don’t want their wives and girlfriends finding out, being the ones most likely to book a trip to a strip club as one of their chosen activities – more than one in four AOL email users plumped for this as an evening out. Sounds like they may have been saving their money on other activities in order to splash out in the strip clubs when they get there…

Vodafone customers are also partial to a lap dance, with that making up the most popular stag do activity for those using a Vodafone mobile to make their bookings. For Three, EE and Virgin customers, boozing is what their weekends are all about, with a pub crawl being their most popular activity. You may have laughed at your friends who bought their mobile phone from Tesco in the past, but they enjoy a laugh too, with a trip to a comedy club being the most popular activity for Tesco Mobile customers. As for those using O2, they must be used to the VIP lifestyle after all those O2 Priority promotions, as nightclub guest list entry is their preferred activity.

A person’s choice of internet browser used to make a booking is another piece of data that we can track and with four big players these days competing for custom, we’ve picked up some interesting traits depending on which one our customers use. Those who have stuck with Internet Explorer are perhaps more sensible and like to play it safe, sticking with the tried and tested for their day-to-day internet activities. And this seems to translate into their choice of activities too, with IE users choosing less adventurous food and drinks-based events for their stag dos. On the other hand, those using Safari, the browser that comes preloaded on flash Apple Macs and iOS devices, are more inclined to go for something more sociable and adventurous, a bit like their choice of computer, it seems.

At Chillisauce, we always like to think we offer our customers what they want, having helped plan thousands of happy stag dos over the years. But this fresh analysis helps us understand that little bit more about what a person’s choice of technology says about them. Like many stats, they can be interpreted in different ways, but whichever way you look at them, they certainly make for interesting reading. See what the experts make of the findings here.

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