UK Set for Biggest-Ever Stag & Hen Weekend

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Nightlife hotspots around the UK will be going into overdrive this bank holiday with more than 70,000 partygoers set to make it the busiest stag and hen weekend ever.

Towns and cities across the UK are bracing themselves for the party weekend of the year as record-breaking crowds of revellers prepare to give thousands of brides and grooms-to-be an unforgettable send-off.

Figures from events experts Chillisauce have revealed that a whopping £16 million will be spent by stag and hen revellers in the 20 most popular destinations, with bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs all set for a bumper weekend.

Major cities in England, Scotland and Wales including London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Nottingham and Newcastle, seaside resorts of Weymouth, Weston-super-Mare, Southend-on-Sea, Brighton, Bournemouth, Eastbourne, Barry, Blackpool and Newquay, and picturesque tourist favourites such as York, Oxford, Cambridge and Bath, will all be transformed by the sight of crowds of single sex groups parading the streets in fancy dress and enjoying the vast selection of nightlife and entertainment that each place offers.

But what does the influx of happy hordes mean for those destinations?

Newcastle: Stags Invade Geordie Shores

• Nearly 7,000 stags and hens to flock to Newcastle this weekend, spending £1.8m
• £600,000 to be spent on booze, equivalent of 171,428 extra pints
• Numbers of stag and hen parties have more than tripled since last year

newcastle city centre

The capital of the north east is very much the capital of stag do entertainment this weekend. Known for its charming natives, females on nights out adopting a uniform of skimpy clothing whatever the weather, Geordie Shore, Gazza, the River Tyne and a hotbed of nightlife excitement, it is no surprise that this unique city has become a popular haunt for those looking to celebrate their last weekend of freedom.

It has also rocketed to the top of the charts for stag and hen popularity and is expected to see the biggest swell in numbers this weekend, with nearly 7,000 stags and hens joining the Geordies for a weekend of mayhem. That reputation for short skirts has clearly played a part, with stags set to outnumber the hens by nearly 3 to 1, with more than 5,000 stags on the hunt in Newcastle, compared to just over 1,750 hens.

It all adds up to good news for local businesses though, with the determined revellers predicted to splash out a whopping £1.8 million during the course of the weekend, including more than £600,000 on booze, more than two-and-half times the amount that will be spent lining their stomachs with food. Geordie cabbies will be cashing in too, with more than £41,000 set to be spent on taxi fares.

London: Big Fun in the Big Smoke

• 6,200 stags and hens to descend on London for bank holiday weekend
• Revellers to splash splurging £1.7m in the capital
• £800,000 spent on taxis, food, drinks, accommodation and activities by hordes of hens

london city centre

The UK capital and one of the most exciting cities in the world, it is little wonder that it is a hotspot for those looking for an unforgettable weekend. With unrivalled nightlife and enough to cater for all tastes, not to mention the dozens of strip clubs dotted around the city, London is a truly global destination but one that still has plenty to offer for Brits looking to lap up the excitement.

Well equipped for catering with influxes of tourists since last year’s Olympics, a dedicated and hardy team of more than 6,200 stags and hens will be letting their own games begin in style this weekend as they head to the Big Smoke ready for some big fun. A hit with the ladies, more than half of that number will be made up of hen parties looking for some city glamour to soak up. Those hens will be ready to splash the cash too, with nearly £800,000 set to be spent by the female party hordes on taxis, food, drinks, accommodation and activities. The men are doing more than the bankers too to boost London’s economy, pouring in another £800,000 into the coffers of local establishments, meaning stags and hens will be splurging £1.7m in the capital over the bank holiday weekend.

There will be an olympian effort in glass to mouth exercise too, with 138,807 pints expected to be emptied over the course of the weekend, although it doesn’t seem to be a great example of an athlete’s diet with 3,760 kebabs set to be wolfed down before the bank holiday comes to an end.

Nottingham: Stags on the Hunt

• Nearly 5,000 stags to hit Nottingham in single weekend
• Equivalent of 111,000 pints to be served up at city boozers
• Record numbers of visitors to bring £1.4m windfall for local businesses

nottingham city centre

A long-time stag do favourite thanks to its fabled reputation of a 2:1 female to male ratio and the location of a long-standing Hooters on the route to Nottingham’s sporting venues. But it is more than just a happy hunting ground for fertile stags, it’s also a compact and attractive city with a bustling student population and no shortage of bars and exciting nightclubs, with a whole host of outdoor activities available within easy reach of the city in real Robin Hood territory.

Still more of a favourite for male visitors, of the estimated 5,044 extra guests heading to the East Midlands city this weekend, it is predicted that 4,889 of those will be stags, a huge majority compared to the brave 156 hens who are making the same journey.

Unsurprisingly, beer will be a big favourite on the menu with boozy stags set to drink their way through £443,000 of alcohol, much more than double the amount they’ll spend on food. That will include more than 111,000 pints being sank, mopped up with 3,027 kebabs.

Altogether, the male-heavy hen and stag visitors will pour £1.4m into Nottingham’s local economy, including £404,000 on hotels and accommodation, and more than £30,000 on taxis to and from their various entertainment venues.

Bristol: Stags and Hens Go West

• Revellers to drink more than £300,000 of booze
• City prepares for 5,000 more revellers in record weekend
• Equivalent of 110,750 extra pints to be sunk by partygoers

bristol city centre

Home to Banksy, drum’n’bass and an adventurous nightlife scene, the capital of the West Country enjoys an enviable harbour-side location, striking architecture, the best cider you’ll find anywhere and it is a city simply made for pub crawls.

The population will swell by an extra 5,000 this weekend, as 3,400 stags and 1,600 hens make their way over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, ready to spend more than £1.3m when they arrive. The stags will be outspending the hens by more than 2:1 as well, splurging £119,000 on food, £301,240 on alcohol, £272,000 on accommodation, £204,000 on other activities and more than £20,000 on taxi fares, all adding up to £916,640, compared to the £431,360 which the 1,600 hens will spend.

This cider-swilling hotspot will need to be well stocked for pint glasses this bank holiday too, with the visiting hordes set to sink 110,750 pints during their visit.

Bournemouth: Stags ahoy for seaside fun

• Stags and hens to spend more than £1.2m in coastal town
• More than £407,000 splashed out on booze
• Stags alone bring £773,000 boost to town

bournemouth centre

The seaside is always a popular choice for a bank holiday weekend away and Bournemouth’s warm weather and burgeoning reputation as the ‘Ibiza of England’ has made it a top choice for stags and hens looking to celebrate by the beach without the hassle of boarding a plane.

The town will welcome hordes of stag and hen visitors this weekend, with 4,600 seeking some fun in the sun, bringing with them more than £1.2m to spend on food, drink, accommodation, activities and transport. It is the men who will again be spending the most, with the 2,867 stags accounting for a £773,000 boost to local coffers, compared to the £467,000 that the 1,733 hens will spend.

As usual, alcohol makes up the majority of the outlay with more than £407,000 expected to be spent on booze, the equivalent of nearly 102,000 pints.

Cardiff: Wales gets ready for invasion

• Visitors to spend £266,000 on activities
• Stags outnumber hens by more than 9 to 1
• Partygoers to spend £1.2m in the Welsh capital

cardiff city centre

A truly modern city that has reinvented itself in recent years, with a glistening new city centre attracting the beautiful people to its swanky bars, entwined with plenty of characterful traditional Welsh boozers. Plenty of culture to soak up too from medieval castles to the home of Welsh rugby, the Millennium Stadium. Nestled by the sea and just a short ride from the countryside, there is a whole outdoor playground on your doorstep.

It is a destination growing in popularity too, with a 28 per cent increase on stag and hen bookings compared to the same weekend last year, while its plentiful supply of outdoor pursuits is proving popular too, with more than £266,000 expected to be spent on activities, more than 22 per cent of the total £1.2m expenditure stags and hens will spend on food, booze, beds and cabs this weekend.

Charlotte Church’s sports-mad home city is more of a hit with the men than the women, with stags making up 96 per cent of the 4,444 visitors booked on stag or hen trips. And following the common thread that more men means more beer and kebab consumption, Cardiff boozers can expect to serve an extra 98,444 pints, while takeaway shops will be kept busy serving up more than 2,600 late night kebabs to hungry stags.

Edinburgh: Whisky A Go Go for Record Party Weekend

• £307,000 to be spent on alcohol by visiting stags and hens
• Nearly £1m to be spent in the city on just one weekend
• Edinburgh hotels to rake in £277,000 from stag and hen parties


Flooded with tourists any time of year, Edinburgh knows how to cater for stags and hens too with its killer combination of luxurious shopping, hotels and spas for the ladies, whisky, brilliant boozers and the infamous ‘pubic triangle’ of strip clubs for the men. Welcoming to stags and hens, there are plenty of unique activities and lots of different nightlife areas to explore.

Nearly 3,500 stag and hen partygoers will be adding to the party atmosphere and increasing the already busy tourist numbers in the Scottish capital, with just over 2,500 made up by males no doubt attracted by some of Edinburgh’s less advertised ‘attractions’, with just under 1,000 hens also making the trip to this cultural hotbed.

Scotland and alcohol go together like Mars Bars and batter and so it’s little surprise that the party-seeking visitors will really be getting into the spirit of things, spending more than £307,000 on booze – that’s the equivalent of 76,787 extra pints being served up. Edinburgh’s famous hotels will have the tills ringing too, with more than £277,000 being spent on accommodation. Altogether, stags and hens will be offloading just under a cool £1m during their weekend visit to Edinburgh.

Brighton: Brighton set to be hen-pecked

• More than 2,500 hens descend on seaside city
• Cabbies to get extra £20,000 in fares from partying hordes
• Alcohol sales to rise by more than £300,000 this weekend

brighton centre

Once the setting for warring mods and rockers, it is now more popular as a place where stag and hen groups meet and mingle in friendlier circumstances. The UK’s most eclectic and open-minded city, its influx of London style has transformed it into one of the trendiest destinations for a weekend of revelry too.

More popular with the ladies attracted by its stylish charms and reputation for a non-intimidating night out, more than 73 per cent of the additional 3,400 visitors will be made up by hen parties, with more than 2,500 hens descending compared to less than 900 stags. But don’t worry, the bar bills won’t suffer too much, with more than £300,000 still expected to be spent on booze. Other activities will cost the visiting fun-seekers £204,000 while cabbies will benefit from more than £20,000 in additional fares.

For a city with a population of little over 100,000 people, the additional £916,640 set to be spent by visiting stags and hens this weekend will surely provide a welcome economic boost.

Liverpool: Hens turn into Liver Birds

• Hen parties to spend more than £473,000 on one weekend in Liverpool
• 1,756 hens to outnumber the 1,022 stags
• Invasion of revellers worth nearly £750,000 to the city

liverpool city centre

It may have been recently crowned as the UK’s city of culture, but it is the glamorous nightspots, perma-tanned ladies, famed horse racing tracks, celebrity sightings or unique Merseyside style for which most stags and hens still flock to Liverpool. An unrivalled sporting and musical heritage and plenty of options to get pampered or take a relaxing trip into stylish Cheshire makes this a destination with plenty to offer.

Clearly keen to lap up the glamour, it is the ladies who make Liverpool their destination of choice, with 1,756 hens compared to 1,022 stags set to visit this weekend. The hens will be outspending their male counterparts too, shelling out £473,298 on drinks, food, hotels and taxis, with the stags set to spend £275,591 over the weekend. Between them, the stag and hen parties will spend £246,111 on booze alone before the bank holiday is out, a hefty chunk of the £748,889 total outlay.

Newquay: Surf’s Up for a Wave of Revellers

• Newquay prepares for record 2,600 stag and hen partygoers
• Bookings up nearly 1,000 per cent on last year
• Stags and hens to swell town’s population by 14 per cent


The UK’s surfing mecca is a true party town and really comes to life as the warmer months approach. The population swells over bank holiday weekend and adventurous partygoers will find plenty of high octane activities to blow away the cobwebs during the day with a real holiday spirit adding to the feel-good atmosphere in the bars and clubs at night.

Best men and chief bridesmaids have clearly been holding out for a sunny May too, with nearly 10 times as many bookings for Newquay this May bank holiday weekend compared to the same time last year, with 2,644 stag and hen visitors bumping up the town’s sub-20,000 population by nearly 14 per cent for this weekend alone.

Sun-seeking stags will be in the ascendency, with 2,067 of those pre-wedding party visitors made up by stag groups who will be spending more than £183,000 on alcohol, the equivalent of 46,000 extra pints being poured in the beachside bars. The thirsty stags won’t be lazing around playing at being beach bums either, with £124,000 set to be spent on stag activities. When combined with the amount being spent by the hens, this weekend’s new visitors will be worth just under £713,000 to Newquay’s nightspots, food outlets, activity providers and taxi firms.

Bath: Here Come the Girls

• More than twice as many hens than stags head to Bath this weekend
• Hen parties to splash out £21,000 on local activities
• More than £45,000 to be spent on booze


Another gem of the West Country, smaller than neighbouring Bristol, but as the only city in the UK to achieve World Heritage status, its history, heritage and fiercely protected sandstone architecture all helps makes this a popular draw for tourists. Its cosy city centre caters well for stags and especially hens who often flock to enjoy pampering in the Roman Baths or al fresco drinking at the riverside pubs.

A small but perfectly formed city with a population of just 84,000, its world famous spas attract plenty of hens looking for some well-earned pampering ahead of the big day and this weekend will be the busiest yet, with more than 350 people on hen parties, compared to the 156 stags on tour in the Roman spa city.

The record numbers represent a 35 per cent increase for Bath on the same period last year. The numbers are smaller than most cities on this list, but those visiting crowds still pack a punch for the local economy, spending an additional £45,284 on alcohol alone, the equivalent of an extra 11,321 pints being pulled in this cider-loving corner of the country.

The extra visitors will be worth an extra £137,796 to local business, with hens being responsible for the majority of that expenditure, splashing out £95,858, including more than £21,000 on local activities such as spa treatments.

Birmingham: On the Beers in Brum

• More than 1,500 kebabs to be wolfed down by hungry hens and stags
• Equivalent of 57,000 extra pints served up to hen and stag parties
• 10 times as many bookings as same weekend last year


Once much-maligned, England’s second city has transformed itself in recent years and offers an exciting and eclectic modern day metropolis with no shortage of nightspots including the infamous stag and hen hotspot of Broad Street, which welcomes large groups of partygoers every weekend. Add to that hotels galore, great shops, a tasty food scene and not to mention it being the balti capital of the world, all combine to make this easy-to-reach city a popular choice.

Its growing reputation is underlined by the fact that stag and hen bookings are up 967 per cent compared to the same time last year, with an estimated 2,578 heading to the Midlands city for stag and hen parties this weekend, worth nearly £695,000 to the local economy.

Birmingham may be earning plenty of plaudits for its burgeoning food scene, but only £90,222 of that output will be spent on food by stags and hens, including an estimated 1,547 kebabs which are more likely to be the sustenance of choice for many revellers rather than fine dining. The food expenditure is dwarfed by the £228,391 expected to be spent on alcohol, equivalent of 57,098 extra pints being swilled in the bars of Broad Street and beyond.

Stags will be the dominant species this weekend, with more than 81 per cent of those new visitors made up by all-male groups, whereas just 489 (19 per cent) hens are heading to Brum.

Blackpool: Viva La Stags

• Stags and hens to spend £80,000 on accommodation in seaside town
• Bookings up 265 per cent on last year
• Two-thirds of bookings made by men

blackpool city

The ‘Vegas of the North’ is a place just made for fun times. Attracting holidaymakers from across England, it combines traditional seaside charm with thrills and spills from the high octane adventure of Blackpool Pleasure Beach to the naughty but nice atmosphere of the seafront pubs and clubs.

As well as the usual seasiders making the bank holiday jaunt to the beach, there will be 1,000 additional stags and hens heading to Blackpool this week, a record breaking number and an impressive 265 per cent increase on last year.

The high proportion of one strip club for every 24,000 people living in the town makes it an attractive destination for stags, with nearly two-thirds of those partygoers being of the male variety. Lads on tour will be sinking the equivalent of 14,275 extra pints, splurging more than £57,000 on booze during the weekend and tucking into nearly 400 kebabs, as well as boosting local B&Bs, beachfront hotels and other accommodation businesses by more than £51,000.

Stags and hens are expected to spend £6,000 on taxis, £35,000 on food, £88,600 on booze, £80,000 on accommodation and a further £60,000 on activities, all adding up to a £269,600 boost to Blackpool’s economy.

Leeds: Stags and Hens become Yorkshire Terriers

• Nearly 2,000 new visitors from stag and hen parties this weekend
• Parties worth more than £170,000 in booze sales
• £521,227 bank holiday boost to Leeds economy

leeds city centre

One of England’s most creative cities and a hive of entertainment, quirky bars and exciting nightclubs, Leeds welcomes visitors from far and wide at weekends. Buoyed by a buzzing student population and a vibrant music and clubbing scene, there is no shortage of fun to be found in this welcoming Yorkshire city.

The biggest city in the north of England with a population of more than 750,700 people, Leeds is expected to welcome an additional 1,933 visitors this weekend for stag and hen parties, an increase of 49 per cent on the same weekend last year.

It may be the financial capital of the north but the £521,227 boost to the local economy provided by those partying packs will surely be welcomed by local businesses, including hotels and accommodation providers who will rake in an extra £154,667 during the weekend.

Three quarters of those new visitors will be on stag rather than hen dos, with the men playing a big part in sinking an extra £171,293 into the tills of local bars, pubs and clubs on booze alone.

WIth a range of stag and hen weekend adventures available in Leeds and the surrounding area, visiting groups will spend £116,000 on activities. Food is once again among the lowest priorities for partygoers, but local restaurants and takeaways will still enjoy a £67,667 boost, while taxi drivers can expect an additional £11,600 in fares.

Manchester: Stags get Mad For It

• More than 2,000 stags descend on Manchester
• Bars to serve equivalent of 53,652 pints to celebrating hordes
• Stag and hen visitors worth more than £650,000 to the city

manchester centre

The heady days of the Hacienda and ‘Madchester’ may be in the past, but this vibrant city is just as fun for those looking for decadent nights out and stylish entertainment. Its strong tradition as a hotbed for music is evident wherever you go and football draws in tourists from across the world. The shabby chic of the Northern Quarter, the pure glam of Deansgate or the no-frills, student-friendly fun of Oxford Road means there is something to suit all tastes when searching for the ultimate Mancunian night out.

More than 2,400 revellers will be heading to the home of Oasis for plenty of booze-fuelled stag and hen party fun and frolics over the bank holiday weekend, with nearly 2,000 of those being all-male parties following in the footsteps of the Gallaghers. Rock star-style drinking is certain to be high on the agenda too with stags and hens expected to drink their way through bar bills worth more than £214,600, the equivalent of 53,652 extra drinks being poured. The 1,453 kebabs predicted to be dished out in late-night takeaways will also take care of a good chunk of the £84,778 set to be spent on food by the celebrating troops.

There are plenty of other activities to be enjoyed in Manchester too, which are expected to cost the visiting hordes more than £145,000 over this weekend, which combined with the £194,000 being spent on accommodation and £14,500 on transport all adds up to a £653,000 boost to Manchester’s local businesses.

York: War of the Posers as Fancy Dress Hens Descend

• 1,400 revellers descend on medieval city
• Hens outnumber stags by more than 2 to 1
• Hen parties to sink £89,000 of drinks

york centre

A charming city that appears peaceful at first glance, with the swathes of tourists attracted by the stunning buildings and unique Roman and Viking history around every corner. Exquisite service and high class hotels and spas make it perfect for those looking for a stylish getaway but plenty of crowds of fun-seekers are also attracted by the hidden charm of some fantastic traditional pubs, student-centric clubs and venues and thrilling outdoor pursuits within easy reach.

As is the pattern with the UK’s more peaceful and picturesque tourist towns and cities, York is more popular with hens than it is with stags. There will be 1,400 in total expected to visit this weekend, but 1,000 of them, just over 71 per cent, will be hens.

Those happy hens won’t be afraid to splash the cash either, spending £60,000 on activities, £80,000 on accommodation, £88,600 on alcohol and £35,000 on food, which when combined with taxi costs and the money being spent by their fellow stag parties this weekend all means that the tills of businesses in York will be ringing to the tune of an extra £377,440 by the end of the bank holiday.

Oxford: Stags and Scholars

• Stag and hen parties up by 45 per cent
• Pubs to pull equivalent of 38,000 extra pints
• Stags and hens splash out £461,000 in single weekend

oxford centre

Renowned for its world famous university, scratch beneath the surface and battle your way through the crowds of tourists and there is plenty about Oxford that will teach stags and hens more than a thing or two about how to enjoy themselves. Peaceful daytime pursuits such as punting on the river, touring the famed colleges, or cycling the cobbled streets can be enjoyed alongside more adventurous activities, while Oxford’s exciting underbelly comes out to play at night, with a myriad of unique, chic and effortlessly cool bars to discover.

Slipping in amongst the students and overseas tourists this weekend will be 1,711 extra revellers enjoying stag and hen excursions and pumping an additional £461,316 into the university city’s economy. Bookings are up by 45 per cent on last year and it is perhaps surprisingly a more popular choice for stags than hens, with lads on tour making up more than three-quarters of the additional revellers.

Traditional Oxford boozers should expect to be pulling an additional 37,901 pints as partygoers prepare to spend an estimated £151,604 on alcohol during the weekend, as well as £102,667 on activities, £59,889 on food, £10,267 on taxis and £136,889 on somewhere to sleep.

As refined a place as Oxford may be, stags and hens are still expected to get their teeth around 1,027 late night kebabs while the city’s single strip club can expect to be well utilised.

Southampton: Sails up for the Stag Invasion

• Stags and hens to rack up bar bills of £142,000
• Hordes of 1,600 descend for weekend of partying
• More than 1,000 male invaders for stag antics

southampton centre

Proudly nestled on the south coast, Southampton is a forward-thinking city with an adventurous streak and the perfect place to let your hair down. It may lack the impressive beaches of some of its south coast neighbours, but the harbour and quayside areas ooze class, while watersports and sailing plus the adventure on offer in the New Forest all means adrenalin junkies are well catered for. The yachting set have seen to it that there is no shortage of classy bars and nightspots to moor up in at night either.

Of course, classy might not necessarily be top of the list for all of the 1,600 stag and hen parties expected to descend on the south coast city this weekend, with the hordes gearing up to imbibe £141,760 of booze, the equivalent of 35,440 extra pints for Southampton’s bartenders to serve. The 960 kebabs expected to be consumed will provide some much-needed sustenance, while the visitors will need all of their energy for the £96,000 of activities they are expected to take part in.

Drawing in male and female partygoers, just over 1,000 stags will be seeking sun and fun in Southampton, with nearly 600 hens joining them, with the revellers combined spending £431,360 on drinking, eating, sleeping, staying active and getting around.

Weymouth: Wey-hey for stag and hen May-hem

• More than 1,333 partying stags and hens to hit Weymouth
• Extra crowds to splash out £360,000 at the seaside
• Local hotels to enjoy £107,000 boost

weymouth centre

Dorset’s reputation as a sleepy seaside county has been blown out of the water by Weymouth’s recent resurgence as a fun-filled party destination. Nestled in a bay along the stunning Jurassic Coast, there is nothing prehistoric about the nightlife with thrill-seeking stags and hens enjoying high-octane adventures getting wet and wild on the cliffs, beaches and in the water by day before taking that party spirit with them to the Balearic-inspired clubs and hidden gem bars at night.

More people are catching on to its charms too for a decadent weekend away, with party bookings up by 50 per cent on the same weekend in 2012, with 1,333 stags and hens expected to head to the coastal town this weekend, with 70 per cent of those made up of stag parties. That’s an impressive number considering Weymouth only has a population of just over 52,000.

The extra crowds will mean a £359,467 cash injection into the local economy, with £80,000 being spent exploring Weymouth’s adventurous side on a range of activities. Beachfront boozing is bound to be a popular activity in itself as well, with spending on alcohol expected to top £118,000. Local accommodation will enjoy a £106,667 boom, with another £8,000 expected to be handed over to local taxi drivers and an additional £46,667 spend in food outlets.

Cambridge: Boozing about by the River

• Stags and hens to drink an extra 24,000 pints this weekend
• Booze spending up by £98,000
• Stags outnumber hens by more than 2:1


Cambridge is a long-standing rival of Oxford when it comes to university achievements, boat racing and competing for tourist dollars. But their rivalry has extended to hosting raucous stag and hen parties too.

Cambridge is trailing ever so slightly on the numbers but can still expect more than 1,100 revellers to flood its cobbled streets for ‘last weekend of freedom’ celebrations over this coming bank holiday weekend. It is certainly on the up when it comes to attractiveness as a party destination too, with bookings up by 26 per cent on the same weekend last year.

Cycling, punting, exploring the cathedral, picnics in the park or relaxing by the river are popular activities throughout the rest of the year, but a big chunk of visitors over this forthcoming bank holiday may have other things on their minds. The extra visitors will spend an extra £98,000 boozing in this most picturesque of English cities over this weekend alone, the equivalent to an extra 24,000 pints. It is a big draw for male crowds too, with 71 per cent of those extra 1,100 partygoers being on stag dos in this intellectual hotbed, compared to the 29 per cent of hens.

Weston-super-Mare: Here Come the Supermen

• Record numbers of stags to Go West-on this weekend
• Pubs prepare to pull 6,000 extra pints
• Fish and chips on the menu as £18,000 of local food to be wolfed down


It may be known as ‘Birmingham-on-Sea’ to the locals, but you’ll be a world away from baltis, the Bullring and the concrete jungle, with Weston-super-Mare offering a real breath of fresh air for a seaside jaunt away from city life.

Its relative proximity to the landlocked West Midlands is the reason for its popularity with Brummies down the years, but more and more people have been catching on to its surprisingly wild charms. Record numbers of more than 1,000 excitable stag and hen partygoers will descend on the Somerset town this bank holiday weekend, a nine per cent rise on last year.

Southend-on-Sea: The Only Way is Stag

• More than 1,000 extra party-goers to swamp the town
• Local boozers set for £42,500 boost
• More than 300 extra kebabs to be served up to stags and hens

If it’s a riotous party weekend complete with some traditional seaside charm that you’re after, then for more and more people it really does seem that the only way is Essex. Nestled on the Essex coastline, Southend-on-Sea certainly has more to offer than simply white stilettos and fake tans. Just an hour from London, it’s a popular getaway for a (hopefully) sun-kissed bank holiday by the beach, with the Pleasure Pier, rollercoasters and aquarium all seeming a world away from the big city.

But there is still plenty of big city style in the chic boutiques and, of course, glitzy nightspots for which Essex has become infamous. Its popularity is on the up as well for stags and hens keen to get a taste of the action, with bookings up by five per cent on last year. That means an extra 1,000 party-hunters will be storming Southend this bank holiday weekend, splashing out more than £22,500 on booze alone and pouring a whopping £180,000 into the local economy over the course of their stay.

All that alcohol will need to be soaked up somehow, and after working up an appetite, hungry hens and ravenous stags will splurge nearly £35,000 on food in local eateries – including more than 300 not-so-glamorous kebabs.

Perhaps attracted by the array of adventure activities, and perhaps also influenced by the hope of seeing some aspiring television model females in the vicinity, the majority of additional visitors this weekend will be men, with stags making up 72 per cent of the extra population, compared to just 28 per cent hens.

Eastbourne: Stags Flock for Fun in the Sun

• Record 1,200 stags and hens to descend on Eastbourne this weekend
• Visitors to pour £42,000 into local economy on booze spend alone
• ‘Foodie’ town set to serve up 400 kebabs

Eastbourne Beach
Proudly bearing the title of ‘sunniest place in Great Britain’, Eastbourne has been a popular holiday destination for families from across the country for many a year. It’s been a tourist favourite since the 19th century but in recent years it has started to shed its somewhat old-fashioned reputation and its popularity has continued to grow with younger crowds. A booming student population and the arrival of more and more young professionals favouring Eastbourne over nearby Brighton or choosing it as a seaside base for commuting to London has made this a desirable destination and seen an explosion in hotspots catering to the young and trendy crowds.

Those crowds will be swelled even further this weekend, with record numbers of party-seeking stags and hens also catching on to Eastbourne’s attractions, which are plentiful both by day and night. Fun in the sun is guaranteed with everything from traditional beachside attractions to wet and wild adventure activities, while discerning food and drink venues, chic bars and decadent nightclubs keep night owls entertained into the early hours.

Altogether there will be an additional 1,200 visitors flocking to the sunny town this bank holiday weekend in search of ‘last weekend of freedom’ revelry, with the men seemingly keener to top up their tans as 83 per cent of those will be all-male groups on stag parties. Holiday boozing will unsurprisingly be their number one activity, with bar staff in the town set to serve up more than 4,000 extra pints, with more than £42,000 being spent on alcohol. This weekend’s new Eastbourne Beer & Cider by the Sea festival is sure to benefit too.

Eastbourne has a growing reputation as a ‘foodie’ town too, although the majority of those hens and stags might not get to sample the best of what the town has to offer on that front, with the £16,000 they are expected to spend on grub set to include more than 400 kebabs.

Barry: Stags flock to see ‘what’s occurring’

• Staggering £114,000 to be splashed out on booze
• 1,000 partygoers choose Barry for stag and hen dos
• Equivalent of 22,000 extra pints to be served up

Barry island - Gavin & Stacey
Once a sleepy village by the sea, the expanding Welsh town of Barry will be woken up with a bang this weekend as it gets ready for an explosion in its population as more than 1,000 revellers descend on the sloped streets for stag and hen parties. The beaches, beautiful views across the Bristol Channel and the Barry Island Pleasure Park have been attracting visitors for many years, but it seems the secret is now out with more tourists than ever heading to the Vale of Glamorgan for charm-filled weekends away.

The emergency of sitcom Gavin and Stacey has no doubt swelled interest in the area too among those looking for laugh on their weekend away and there are sure to be Smithy and Nessa impersonations galore as record numbers of stag and hen partygoers arrive for this bank holiday.

Of course, both of those characters enjoyed a drink or two and it seems most visitors will be taking their lead as it is the local pubs and bars which will have to be most prepared this weekend, with the new visitors set to splash out a staggering £114,000 on booze along – the equivalent of 22,000 extra pints being downed.

Add to that the £36,000 expected to be spent on food, with more than 400 kebabs on the menu for the visiting hordes, and this weekend will provide an unforgettable boost to many local businesses.
It is the Gavins rather than the Staceys leading the charge, with 84 per cent of those additional visitors being all male groups seeking pleasure at the Barry Island Pleasure Park, with only 16 per cent of those 1,000 arrivals being hens heading to the Welsh town for the long weekend.

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