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mean stag group size in comparison to mobile device

Mean stag group size in comparison to mobile device

Do iPhone users have more friends? Seemingly so, according to our data. Every time a booking or enquiry is made through Chillisauce.co.uk, we can see what mobile device has been used to make that booking. We then linked the party size of each stag do we organised to the mobile device used, coming up with an average number of people per group according to each device. The average iPhone user booked activities for groups of 15 or more, with Google Nexus users typically booking for the smallest groups with an average of five or less people.

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Proportion of strip club bookings by email address

When customers book activities through Chillisauce.co.uk, we can tell which email provider they use by their email address. We then worked out an average of how many times a particular activity was booked using each different type of email address. This information shows which email provider is most commonly used for each specific activity, such as pre-booked entry to strip clubs. AOL users are the most likely to visit a strip club according to our stats, with AOL email addresses accounting for more than 25 per cent of all strip club bookings.

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Phone network with most popular stag party activity

We can now predict what activities somebody is more likely to book according to their mobile phone network. When booking a stag weekend with Chillisauce, our information shows us which mobile phone provider a customer is using. We then linked each activity to the network the customer used to make the booking, showing what was most popular with customers from each major mobile network. For example, Vodafone users are the most likely to sign up for a lap dance, while an organised pub crawl is the most popular activity for EE customers.

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Types of stag party activity by internet browser

Our booking system tracks which browser a customer used to access the Chillisauce website and make their booking. We then grouped together the most popular activities and worked out an average for what was most commonly booked through each of major internet browsers. The data shows what you are most likely to book depending on whether you are using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari. Standout trends included Safari users being more likely to pick something adventurous or sociable for their stag party activities, such as white water rafting or coasteering.

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Average distance travelled from the UK on stag dos according to email address

Each email address linked to a Chillisauce booking means we can work out an average distance travelled according to which email provider a customer uses. We book stag do activities at destinations around the world and have used our data to work out how far each customer travelled from their home city. We then worked out the average distances travelled by customers using each different type of email provider. According to the stats, Gmail users are most likely to book a stag do on home soil in the UK, while those using a work email address go the farthest, travelling an average of 1,400 miles for the stag do.

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